Business Consulting

There are different types of business consultants: content and process.  Many content consultants use their expertise to develop a plan for the company and then depart, leaving the company to implement the plan.

Process consultants are different.  At Alden Management Consulting Group our process consultants use not only their expertise, but also use the expertise of the organization.  Plans are developed together and implementation is done together.  This helps us ensure our clients are more successful in achieving the results they want.

biz_consultingIssues that We have Addressed Include:

  • Excessive Meetings
  • High Staff Turnover
  • Chronically Sagging Sales
  • Communication Problems
  • Difficulty Keeping Employees Motivated
  • Reactive Rather than Proactive Thinking
  • Unacceptable Results
  • Personality Conflicts and/or Power Struggles
  • That’s Not My Problem/My Department Attitude
  • Lack of Personal Accountability
  • Time Consuming and/or Meaningless Performance Evaluations
  • Difficulty of Terminating Poor Performers
  • Misalignment/Lack of Coordinated Effort
  • Time Management Problems
  • Micro-management
  • Can’t Do Attitudes
  • Unproductive Teams and/or Ineffective Teamwork
  • Duplication of Effort
  • Fear of Making Decisions
  • Failure to Achieve Quality Standards

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Alden Management Consulting Group is a professional business analysis and business consulting firm.