Change Management

How Successful Are You and Your Organization in Managing Change?

According to an IBM Global CEO Study, more than half of the world’s top CEOs said they plan to change their company over the next two years.  However, only 20% reported they had been highly successful in implementing change in the past.  If tops CEOs feel this way, how are you feeling about managing change in your organization?

Change happens all the time.  However, many employees and organizations have a hard time implementing change because it's viewed as another “fad” to be endured.  At Alden Management Consulting Group we approach it differently.  We focus on the behavioral aspects, as well as the process.  When you address both, the likelihood of successfully implementing change increases.

Critical Areas Addressed in this Process:

  • Change Strategy and Management
  • Organizational and Change Communication
  • Programs that Align Employee Actions and Behavior with Business Needs
  • Merger, Acquisition or Other Restructuring Situations
  • Integration Planning Including Implementation and Measurement
  • Organization Transformation toward a Specific Objective, Such as Creating a High-Performance Culture or Building a More Customer-Centric Environment
  • Implementation of a New or Revised Workforce Program Including Pay, Benefits or Other Rewards, Performance Management, Career Development and Work/Life Effectiveness

Outcomes from this Program include:

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Enhance Employee Buy-in
  • Changed Employee Behavior Leading to Better Performance
  • Better Organizational Communication
  • Improved Business Performance

*IBM:“Majority of Global CEO Majority of Global CEOs Plan Fundamental Change and Expect New Forms of Innovation to Drive Growth, According to IBM Study”.  New York. NY 3/1/2006

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