Desktop Provisioning: Revamping Before the RFP

The Company: A Fortune 500 Company

The Issue:
The IT Department wanted to outsource their desktop provision process, but senior leadership recognized that the process was broken and did not want to outsource a broken process.  The desktop provision process needed to be revamped internally before being outsourced so that senior leadership could be confident that they were selecting a vendor that would appropriately and effectively support the current needs of the company.


The Role of Alden Management Consulting Group:
Alden Management Consulting Group worked with senior management to select a group of employees from across the IT Department who shared their knowledge of the current processes.  Using our customized process-improvement methodologies and our speed demon techniques, the team reviewed the current desktop provisioning process and created a new process that could be used as part of a RFP.  This new process was developed and implemented within 72 hours from start to finish.  The revised process dramatically reduced the time to deliver a new computer to internal customers.  As an added benefit, the new process also created safety stock, something the company did not think they could ever have, and transferred all costs to the outsourced company.



  • Receiving a desktop went from 7 weeks to 11 hours
  • Internal resources were freed up to focus on other priorities
  • Safety stock was created
  • All costs were transferred to outsourced company
  • Company would not own or pay for the asset until it was installed