Due Diligence

The greatest asset for two companies coming together is the employees.  However, this is the area where due diligence is done the least.  Isn’t it important to know what kind of employees work for the organization?  Where are the organization gaps?  However, today’s due diligence check lists often don’t provide for employee assessment.

At Alden Management Consulting Group we have two very useful mergers and acquisition assessment tools that provide information about the people resources you are acquiring.  Whether done during the due diligence phase or once the deal is completed, our computer-based mergers and acquisition assessment tools provide a clear picture of the organization and the people who work for them.

M&A Organizational Assessment

Our M&A Organizational Assessment tool provides a comprehensive perspective about a company.  It quickly answers the questions of how resources are being allocated and how to better utilize these resources for greater results.  It shows where an organization’s systems and departments are aligned and where there are gaps.  Understanding how two organizations are aligned before, during and/or after a merger can help increase the chances of a successful integration.

M&A Individual Index Assessment

Our M&A Individual Index Assessment is a mathematically based deductive research tool.  That means you can’t skew the results.  It provides information about an employee’s work style and where that person performs best.  It also provides information about the factors an employee uses in making decisions.  It is a tool that provides insight about an employee where there is lack of in-depth knowledge about the person's work.  The information from this assessment can be used during the first 100 days when the new organization is being formed, as well as, going forward during the integration process.

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