For Mergers and Acquisitions

It has been said that 78% of Mergers and Acquisitions fail within the first three years.  These failures are frequently related to people issues such as loss of key talent, culture clashes, and management conflict over the direction of the new company.  The implication is clear: Strategic people management is as crucial to a successful merger or acquisition as fair valuation.

Our processes take into account that during the first months people are very receptive to change.  We develop a First 100-Day plan to set the right course for the transformation from the old ways to the new.  Top executive involvement is a fundamental prerequisite to set the agenda to make strategic decisions and to communicate.  Our second phase includes a 12-month plan to develop the capabilities and culture to make the new venture perform to desired standards.

Our two-step integration plan includes:


1st 100 Days

1st Year

  • Take Ownership
  • Control Cash
  • Maintain Customers
  • Retain Key People
  • Build Foundation
  • Weed Out Excesses
  • Re-Capitalize
  • Create Successes
  • Design“New-Company" Strategy, Structure, Systems, People
  • Develop Processes
  • Train People
  • Transfer Capabilities
  • Learn and Adjust
  • Measure Results


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