Improving Customer Service

The Company: A northeastern manufacturer of edible oil and food products

The Issue:
The Company was receiving complaints from customers because of their poor customer service but there was no formalized process in place to handle these complaints.  There were seven different departments handling customer complaints and each department handled them differently.  There was no consistency across the company.  The current lack of process and inefficiency was costing the Company customers, time and money.  Additionally, many of the customer complaints were being handled by the sales department, which negatively impacted business development and Company growth.


The Role of Alden Management Consulting Group:
Alden Consulting Group worked with senior management and a selected group of employees to gain an understanding of the business flow.  Using cycle-time reduction methodologies to review the current customer service process Alden Management Consulting Group created and implemented an efficient process for the Company to handle customer complaints.  This new process, developed within a period of 40 hours (weekly meetings for 8 hours per week), dramatically changed how the Company handles complaints.  It created greater efficiency as well as higher profits for the organization.


  • Increased efficiency by 136%
  • Complaints were handled by one centralized department rather than 7 separate departments
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Net savings of $20,500 per year forever
  • Clients with larger volume and greater profitability were better served resulting in growth with these accounts.

"A top customer just told me that the Customer Service at the Company has really improved over the last few months."