Mitigating Corporate Risk

The Company: A Utility Company

The Issue:

Incoming mail was received at the company's main operations building, putting the company at risk for an anthrax incident.  If one happened, it would shut down the company’s main operations at the price of $500k a day.  For a year-and-a-half the company management tried to get their employees to work together to move the mailroom from the main operations building to a brand new unused building that was specifically built for this purpose, with no success.  In addition to the risk exposure, it took over 6 hours to deliver the mail and overnight packages took up to five business days from the time the package was received internally to the time it was delivered to the internal recipient.


The Role of Alden Management Consulting Group:
Alden Consulting Group worked with senior management to selected group of employees from across the company for insight and information-gathering.  Using cycle-time reduction methodologies, the team reviewed the current mailroom process and created, as well as implemented, a new process for the Company.  This included working with a union to eliminate a FTE.  This new process, developed and implemented within 25 days, dramatically increased overall security as well as improved mail delivery to internal customers.  It also uncovered a single mailbag that was being handled by a separate vendor, costing the company $52K a year.



  • Mitigated a $500K a day risk
  • Improved mail services efficiency by 25%
  • Reduced mail drop points from 62 to 21
  • Saved a FTE position
  • Single point of entry increased security and accountability
  • Improvement of 700% in overnight packages reaching internal personnel
  • Process completed from start to finish in 25 days
  • Saved $52K by eliminating a vendor handling one mail bag


"Our main operations are safer today. Our staff works better as a team. We also found additional monies to hire a new team member."