Our History

John Alden was a man with a vision, a mission, a man with goals and the courage to pursue them.  He sailed on September 6, 1620 from the old world and arrived with the help of a vessel called the Mayflower to the new world on November 9, 1620.  He was able to overcome obstacles and become successful in the new world because he had the right attitude, goals, knowledge and skills.

At Alden Management Consulting Group, just like our namesake, we have the vision, the mission, the goals and the courage to take the steps to help YOU and YOUR COMPANY to achieve your goals.  Our goal is to help good companies become great companies.  Our clients tell us that they see results within the first 30 days of working with us.

historyAlden Management Consulting Group, with our nation-wide network of consultants, can help you whether you are a larger corporation looking to decrease turnover or a business owner looking to increase sales.  Whatever the industry or issue, we have someone who can help.

We do things differently at Alden Management Consulting Group.  We offer a money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with our work, then we will refund your investment.  That is how much we believe that we can help and that is how much we believe in our work.  What other consultant company offers you that?


Alden Management Consulting Group a professional business analysis and business consulting firm.