Sales Management Development

Today's sales management requires the skills to manage people to a higher level of productivity and successful outcomes.  It is essential sales managers develop the leadership skills that will enable their team to perform and achieve their objectives.  Sales managers needs a systematic, results-oriented approach to organizing, managing, and motivating their people.

The Process

The Sales Management Development process is designed to help sales managers develop the skills needed to lead an intelligent sales force that will accomplish organizational goals and objectives.  As a result of this process, sales managers understand why and how they can be essential to achieving the sales organization's goals for sales.

Critical Issues Addressed in this Process:

  • A Framework for Sales Management
  • The Sales Management Process
  • The Sales Manager As a Leader
  • Goal Setting for Success
  • Your Action Plan
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Transactional Analysis (T.A.) for Sales Managers
  • Decision Making
  • Management Communication and Human Relations
  • Managing Your Time
  • Developing Subordinates through Goal Setting
  • Dealing with Negative Behavior
  • Managing through Goal Setting

Outcomes from this Program Include:

  • Increased Sales
  • Cohesive, Energized Teams
  • Reduced Turnover
  • Improved Organizational Profits
  • Developed and Sustained Corporate Values
  • Professional Expectations Accomplished
  • Increased Market Share
  • Clear Expectations of all Team Members
  • Improved Communication Inside and Outside the Organization
  • Increased Productivity

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