Streamlining the Recruiting Process

The Company: A Large Regional Healthcare Facility

The Issue:
Senior Management at the Company was receiving complaints from their employees that they were constantly short-staffed and they were having a difficult time filling positions with qualified candidates.  The lack of staff was having a negative impact on patient care and family relations.  The adhoc process the Human Resources Department was using no longer met the staffing needs of the rapidly growing company.  The current process took 40 steps to hire one employee; and at any given time there were 40 open positions.


The Role of Alden Management Consulting Group:
Alden Management Consulting Group worked with senior management and a selected group of employees from human resources and several other departments.  Using cycle-time reduction methodologies to review the current hiring process we created and implemented a new hiring process for the Company.  This new process was developed and implemented within a period of 40 hours (one week).  The new process dramatically changed how the Company fills open positions.  It created greater efficiency and they filled the majority of the organization's open positions within a two-week period.



  • Net savings of $122,000/year
  • Increased efficiency by 250%
  • Process went from 40 steps to 18 steps
  • Decreased hiring process time by 5 days
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Decreased turnover for new employees to less than 5%
  • Overall turnover decreased to 14% for current employees


"We are filling positions faster than we ever did with better qualified candidates. Because we revamped the process we are also experiencing lower turnover"