Succession Planning

Why is succession planning like wills and estate planning?

When it comes to succession planning, many executives view it in the same way that individuals look at wills and estate planning.  No way do I want to think about that issue!

However, succession planning is a very important part of any business.  Much like a strategic plan, succession planning drives many critical talent management issues such as hiring, firing, training and development, performance management, compensation and retention.

The Process

At Alden Management Consulting Group, we can help you develop a succession plan that provides a format for formulating specific strategies, converting those strategies into a planning process, and establishing measurable and attainable goals.  It is a process that considers how an organization will look in the future and what are the steps to get there.

Critical Issues Addressed in this Process:

  • Develop a Communication Strategy
  • Identify Expected Vacancies
  • Determine Critical Positions
  • Identify Current and Future Competencies for Positions
  • Develop a Recruitment Strategy
  • Identify Assessment and Selection Tools
  • Identify Gaps in Current Employee and Candidate Competency Levels
  • Develop Individual Development Plans for Employees
  • Develop and Implement Coaching and Mentoring Programs
  • Assist with Leadership Transition and Development
  • Develop an Evaluation Plan for Succession Management

Outcomes from this Program include:

  • Better Retention
  • Valuable Training and Development Goals
  • Increased Preparation for Leadership
  • Greater Employee Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Commitment to Work and the Workplace
  • Improved Corporate Image

Does your company have a succession plan in place?  If not, Contact Us.

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